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door installation services from Paul's Carpentry Workshop

Door Installation & Replacements

Whether you need doors for your new home or to replace damaged and dated doors, then Paul’s Carpentry Workshop has got you covered. With more than three decades of door replacement and installation, you can rely on our experts to get the job done with minimum damage to the existing structure.

Our experts will help you pick out the right door for your needs and install it to ensure it’s in tiptop condition and customized to your preferences. It is advisable to work with an expert to ensure you avoid extra costs, unnecessary delays, mismatches with existing designs, poor fitting, and many other problems.

Front Door Installation

The front door to your home has a lot of benefits aside from preventing unauthorized entry into your home. When it comes to the aesthetics of your home, the front door plays a vital role in tying them together with the exterior and interior spaces of your home.

The professional team at Paul’s Carpentry Workshop can ensure that you choose a door that caters to both the security and aesthetic needs of your home. We believe that proper door installation and quality play a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency by eliminating drafts and insulating your interior from the elements outside. 

exterior wood doors
door installation services by Paul's Carpentry Workshop

Exterior Wood Doors

Because we are trusted finish carpentry professionals in the Stoneham, MA, area, we have assembled a team of experts with years of door installation expertise who are ready to assist you in selecting the best door for your home’s design and safety requirements.

New Door Installation

When moving into a new home or replacing your damaged or dated door, it is essential to ensure its properly installed. Let Paul’s Carpentry Workshop help you enhance the door installation process for better security and comfort of your home.

Interior Doors

While interior doors have a different role than exterior doors, they are still a vital part of your home. Whether it is the general appeal of your interior, managing airflow around the house, or maintaining the privacy of your indoor spaces, interior doors affect how rooms are used as well as the quality of life.

We understand the importance of proper door installation, and that’s why we guarantee customized services to meet your preferences for a new door. Before proceeding with interior door installation in Stoneham, MA, we recommend consulting Paul’s Carpentry Workshop for style and design ideas that enhance the quality of your living spaces.

Exterior Doors

Whether storm doors, patio doors, or other secondary entrance options to your home, having professional door installation in Stoneham, MA, ensures that each door’s consideration and purpose are met.

Whether you are looking to replace or install new exterior doors for your home, Paul’s Carpentry Workshop can help you pick the right door and make sure they are installed correctly.

What do customers say?

Our Testimonials

“We have hired Paul and Gary several times for projects on our home. They are professionals in every way – they show up on time, work is precise, they clean up at the end of each day thoroughly and work hard. They offered suggestions that improved on our original plans. I would recommend them for any project, large or small. You will be impressed. We would be happy to talk with anyone who would like more feedback on their work. 100% satisfied customers”

Michael and Kathy Bowes

“We were pleased with the work and they were accommodating throughout the project.”

Cosmo C.

“Paul was a great carpenter. He did an excellent job performing the work. He showed on time and spent the whole day completing the job. I am VERY happy with the finished project. I highly recommend him.”

Robert P.

“The project was replacing rod iron railing with redwood. From the start it was a great experience. I sent in a request on line to be contacted and Paul contacted me within a few hours of my request. He came over that night to give me an estimate and my impression was that he was very knowledgeable and honest; being experienced in construction and hiring contractors, this goes a long way. I hired him immediately. This was to be a 3 day project and on the first day he showed up on time and got right to work. The first day went so well and I was impressed by the quality of work tht I expanded my project to include the staircase. It was on budget and completed in the timeframe he set. He left my house very clean everyday, which was important since I have small children. Anyone looking for finish carpentry work needs to contact Paul.”

D. David